Michael Bloomberg nanny state: has the mayor gone too far?

Michael Bloomberg nanny state: has the mayor gone too far?

At first Michael Bloomberg came for the trans fats. But we didn’t eat at fast food restaurants, so we didn’t say anything. Then Michael Bloomberg came for the salt. But we only use pepper, so we didn’t say anything. Then Michael Bloomberg banned food donations to city homeless shelters. But we are not homeless, so we didn’t say anything. Then Michael Bloomberg came for the baby formula because he wants moms to breastfeed. But we are not newborn babies, so we didn’t say anything. Then Michael Bloomberg restricted painkillers at city hospitals. The poor will just have to suffer a bit, he said. Then he came for our 16-ounce sodas, forcing everyone to buy two….

Hurricane Sandy slams NYC and the East Coast


Hurricane Sandy is slamming into the East Coast while everyone is still trying to figure out if the media is blowing it out of proportion again. If you have been following the live updates of Hurricane Sandy, it’s pretty clear this storm poses a larger threat than Hurricane Irene did last year. But still, many East Coast residents are still not taking the storm as seriously as the politicians are. Mayor Bloomberg was so excited to issue his warning to New Yorkers he even sported a half-chub during his speech. Besides the awkward photo, Bloomberg also had a slightly controversial response to what would happen to the prisoners on Rikers Island, “Don’t worry about anybody…

Bloomberg’s soda ban: NYC takes a collective Big Gulp!

Bloomberg’s soda ban: New York takes a collective Big Gulp!

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed a ban on sugary drinks larger than 16oz as part of his ongoing effort to fight obesity in the Big Apple. Defending his proposal, Bloomberg said that obesity is a nationwide problem and New York was “doing something” about it. The ban, which could go into effect as early as March next year, has received a mixed reaction, sparking criticism from some who have labelled Bloomberg’s move more nanny state politics. The ban would take effect in the city’s restaurants, movie theaters and stadiums, but vending machines, grocery stores and newsstands would not. Diet sodas with fewer than 25 calories per 8 oz, fruit juice, dairy and alcohol…

Butt calls nearly 40 PERCENT of 911 calls in New York

NYC Faces Butt Dial Dilemma

We’ve all done it: called someone we didn’t mean to — with our BUTT. But (ahem) you probably didn’t realize the scope of the problem. Nearly 40 percent of 911 calls in New York are “butt dials,” also known as pocket dials, a staggering 4 million calls per year. Each time a New Yorker accidentally butt-dials the NYPD, operators have to waste valuable time determining if the call is legitimate or not. New York isn’t doing much to fix the problem, says the local NBC affiliate: “Despite the findings, the report says the city has done nothing to account for or combat the accidental 911 calls, which are generally shorter than calls reporting actual emergencies.”…

New York’s crime rate may be on the rise for the first time in decades


New York City used to be a dangerous place, but crime dropped dramatically under Mayor Rudy Giuliani during the 90s and the early 00s. It seems The Big Apple is regressing. There were more than 65 shootings over the Labor Day holiday weekend alone. Mayor Bloomberg has blamed other states’ lax firearms laws for the large number of guns on New York streets. However, crime at large is on the rise in the city, a stark contrast to the rest of the US and other nations. New Yorkers would be safer in Baghdad right now. There were zero US troop deaths during August in Iraq.

Hurricane hype leaves the US East Coast all wet


August is normally dull for news. Thank goodness for Irene! Reporters braved winds to bring you the latest in hurricane hype … leaving viewers all wet. Hurricane Irene also gave politicians a chance to look good for the cameras. Wow! Look at Michael Bloomberg do his mayoral thing! Across the river, Chris Christie looked the man in charge and dare we say presidential? Christie also weighed in with his own evacuation orders. Hurricane hype set off panic buying at area stores, providing a big boost to some businesses. But it hurt New York City’s food and beverage and tourism industries. A mass transit shutdown a full day before the storm left passengers frustrated. Was Bloomberg…

Alec Baldwin leaving ’30 Rock’ for NYC mayoral bid?


Details are slowly leaking out today about Tracy Morgan’s homophobic rant during a comedy show, but he’s not the only ’30 Rock’ star in the news. Alec Baldwin is considering a run for New York City Mayor in 2013. People think he actually has a descent shot at winning…that is, just as long as he keeps his crazy co-worker away from his campaign. Here’s the lowdown on Mr. Donaghy’s potential bid: Alec Baldwin has revealed he is considering a run for New York City mayor now that Anthony Weiner’s chances have been dashed. Baldwin will be free to run in the 2013 race. He plans to quit 30 Rock next year, leaving the show’s future…

Happy Meal ban could hit New York City


New York may be the next city to ban toys from children’s fast food meals, following in San Francisco’s footsteps. Legislation proposed by portly city Councilman Leroy Comrie would allow toys only in meals that meet certain nutrition standards. New York has been at the forefront of progressive health legislation under Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The city banned artificial trans fats from restaurants in 2006. NYC is also expanding its cigarette ban to include all city parks and Times Square, to the chagrin of many smokers. Many New Yorkers are wondering just how far new health laws will go. Some cities are resisting these health trends. Arizona approved a bill making it illegal to ban happy…