Ear bitten off in a “man eats man” bloody subway fight

Ear bitten off in bloody subway fight

A horrific “man eat man” like scene from Dawn of the Dead unfolded in front of passengers in a Guangzhou subway car. After fighting over seats, a 67 year-old and a 28 year-old passenger broke out in a fight. Enraged, the older passenger started biting the arms and ears of the younger passenger. Subway workers intervened and called the police not long after. The 67 year-old passenger suffered injuries to the nose while the 28 year-old had a piece of his ear bitten off. The two were both sent to the hospital for further treatment.

Perv sexually harassed beautiful ladies on the subway

Perv sexually harassed by beautiful ladies

This guy on the subway looks no different from the others, but a college girl put his picture on Facebook to aware her friends of this “air-blowing” perv…

SubwayCrush.net: See, snap share subway hot guys


Subwaycrush.net is a new website that allows New York City subway riders to post pictures of hotties they spot on the subway. Call it voyeurism in the digital era. SubwayCrush.net encourages people to “see. snap. share.” That means that when you see a good looking guy on the train, it’s time to take out your cell phone, discreetly take a picture, and then submit it online for the world to see. The website currently has 15 pages of photos, each complete with a description and a clever name. SubwayCrush.net is still relatively new, and has yet to become as well known as similar sites such as Craigslist’s missed connections. But as it garners more attention,…

Anonymous takes on BART over cell phone shut down


In July, BART police shot dead a homeless man wielding a knife. Some questioned whether lethal force was warranted. To thwart a protest, BART officials temporarily shut down cell phone coverage in stations. The move attracted the ire of Anonymous. The hacker group broke into myBART.org and publicized personal info of BART users. An Anonymous protest also caused service disruption, but the group denied a second hack exposing BART cops’ personal info. No matter who wins the war between the two, it seems commuters will continue to be collateral damage. ENGLISH:

MTA fare hike hits New Yorkers


Riding the subway in New York can be a frustrating experience. Decades of mismanagement have left the subway system in a chronic state of disrepair. Encounters with perverts and sociopaths are not uncommon. The stress can make even ordinary straphangers behave like barbarians. The organization is in crisis, with billions of dollars in debt and mountains of interest payments. Albany has cut subsidies, forcing riders to pick up the slack. Guest starring PIX11′s Greg Mocker as Commuter.

Girl catches man whacking off on subway


This guy is worse than the elevator pervert we reported on previously. A Taipei County girl riding the Taipei City subway on her way to work was shocked to discover the man sitting opposite her was whacking off. It took a full four stops before security intervened and carried the man off. What do you think should happen to people who whack off in public? Tell us in the comments section below.